Use your DNA to Update your Home Decor

Use your DNA to Update your Home Decor

There are many factors that go into choosing the style of a home.  Depending on their lifestyle, some want the ultra-modern design of their youthful fantasies, some want the Victorian era cupola on a Queen Anne, which would turn off those who choose traditional.   Now there is a trend to incorporate our ancestry into our lifestyles and it’s showing up in everything from our diet to our home décor.

Since the emergence of homo sapiens in East Africa humans have migrated to every area on earth.  As they did they left a unique footprint and developed customs and mores that reflect how they interacted with the environment.   This accounts for the vast differences in the way homes and shelters look all over the world.  Some would even say that these prolonged stays in native areas affected our genetic tendencies so much so that we can visit an environment or certain style home and say it “feels right.”

Today many people are turning to DNA testing and using Groupon coupons for companies like 23andMe to help them gain perspective on how their ancestors would have lived two or three hundred years ago, often with very surprising results.

African Americans are finding this type of information especially helpful, and it shows up in many ways, from the way they choose to decorate their homes, to elaborate “DNA reveal ceremonies” where the family gathers to learn their genetic make-up.  After doing so, some proudly display artifacts from trips to their ancestral home in Africa, or have special clothing made that represents the tribe from which their ancestors came.

We’ve all read stories online or seen reports on television about long lost relatives getting back together, using DNA to verify kinship.  This has allowed parents to reunite with children, many times after searching for each other for decades.  23andMe offers more than DNA information.  Now you can get vital medical information for yourself and future generations.  You’ll receive 75+online reports that reveal ancestry, traits and health reports.  When you use a Groupon to make your online purchases, it’s fast and simple.  You just apply the discounts from your smart phone and the kits will be rushed to your door.  Imagine the look on Mom’s face when she opens her Mother’s Day gift and finds a 23andMe kit inside.   Shopping for home décor will take on a new meaning once she gets those results back.

Over 1,000,000 people have searched and discovered their roots using the services of 23andMe.  You’d be wise to do so, too.

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