Planning The Perfect Housewarming Party

Planning The Perfect Housewarming Party

Now that you’re all settled in your new home and you’re ready to show off your new pad, it’s time to plan the perfect housewarming party. Depending on the kind of person you are you may want to keep things casual or you may want to go all out fancy! The choice is yours. Either way there are a few key components that make any housewarming party great. We’ll also talk a little about buying the perfect housewarming gift. So even if you’re not putting together a housewarming party for yourself, if you’ve just been invited to one, read on. There’s tips in here for you too!

The best way to start planning is by imagining. Take a moment to think about what your ideal housewarming party would look like. What is the reason that you are throwing a housewarming party? Is it to delight in the joy of your new home and to share it with others? Or maybe it’s to show the in-laws that you’ve got everything figured out and taken care of! Either way you’ll want to imagine the perfect party before you start planning. While you’re envisioning the perfect party think about what you saw there. Ask yourself questions like these –

  • What kind of decorations were there?
  • Who was there?
  • How many people were there?
  • What kind of activities or games were there?
  • What kind of food was there?
  • How long did the party last?
  • What kind of music was playing?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll have a good foundation to build your party on.

Many people find that finger foods are the way to go for housewarming parties. They’re easier, more festive, and allow people to mingle while they eat. A housewarming party should never be considered a seat down affair. You want your guests to enjoy your new space and walk through it freely. Whether you’re a guest or a host Harry And David gourmet gift baskets make the ideal addition to any housewarming party. As a host you can set them out as finger foods for your guests to enjoy! As a guest you can delight and excite your host with a thoughtful, unique gift! It’s a win-win.

If you really want to make your housewarming party a memorable event you may want to create some DIY party favors. These party favors don’t have to be anything lavish, just a cute momento from the day that your guests can enjoy. These DIY party favors can be as simple as a bag of popcorn with handmade cards that say “Thanks for popping in!” or you can buy small gifts for everyone wrapped up to look like moving boxes!

Of course you can’t forget the playlist. Cultivating the perfect playlist is one of the most important things a host can do for their party. It sets the mood! Think about what you want your guests to be feeling. Do you want there to be dancing? Do you want to include some nostalgic tunes? As long as you keep in mind that music can make or break a party, you’ll be successful in making the perfect playlist!

Remember that with a housewarming party it’s best to keep it simple. You did just go through a major life change after all!

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