Why Repair Your Old Iron

Why Repair Your Old Iron

The next time your iron goes wrong why not consider having it repaired rather than putting it straight in the bin? There are several good reasons to do so. Here are the main ones:

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It is good for the environment

Perhaps the best reason to try to get any electrical appliance repaired is that doing so is good for the environment. Most small home appliances contain a fair amount of metal and plastic. These are both materials that take centuries to breakdown and are likely to pollute the environment as they do so. The less of these materials that end up in landfill the better it is for everyone, especially the next generation.

Saves you money

Often getting an appliance repaired rather than putting it in the bin and buying a new one is cheaper.  For example, Tefal iron repairs are not prohibitively expensive. Normally you can get a branded iron repaired for far less than the price you would have to pay for a new one.

Tefal iron repairs

It is easier

Sending your iron off for repair is often far easier than going shopping for a new one. It also means that you do not have to get used to a new one.

Older models are often better than modern models

Generally speaking, modern irons do not work as well as their older counterparts. This is because most modern irons are made out of lighter materials that conduct heat less effectively.

Older models

I know this sounds illogical, but, unfortunately, it is true. Manufacturers have been forced to go down this route to keep the price down. In addition, the demand for the metals that are traditionally used in iron bases is high, which makes it hard to get hold of, as well as expensive.

So, next time your iron overheats get a repair quote rather than put it in the bin.

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