How to Pick the Best Wood for Your Decking Today

How to Pick the Best Wood for Your Decking Today

Have you finally decided to add that dream deck that you’ve always wanted to your home? Have you been excitedly making preparations but are now stuck on which material would be best? With so many different timber options available, it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to make a decision. Here are some of the possible wood options that you may wish to choose from to give your home the exact look and feel you’ve always wanted today.

Australian Hardwood

This particular type of timber is incredibly resistant and durable, making it ideal for deck constructions and remodels. With colours ranging from light and sandy to deep chocolate reds, you’ll be able to find a great style that fits perfectly with your home’s aesthetic, no matter what your personal tastes may be.

Additionally, you can feel better about your construction because this particular timber source is extremely eco-friendly, being that it is a dry forest and not a rainforest species of tree.

Kwila Hardwood

If you’re looking for a great option for decking in Brisbane, then Kwila might be one of the top choices on your list. First off, it is extremely hard and durable, making it an incredibly popular option not just for decking but also for outdoor furniture, staircases, and even boats. The colour normally starts at dark brown and darkens even further through exposure to light. It’s also a naturally oily timber, which will help with its protection from the elements as a decking material.

Southern Pine

This timber is actually a softwood, unlike most timbers used for decking; however, its moderate strength and resistance coupled with its affordability make it a great decking option, particularly if you’re working on a budget. The colour is often a pale yellow, making it ideal for more lively and classic-style homes. Also, while knots are pretty common, the grain is otherwise pretty straight, making it incredibly easy to work with.

ModWood Decking

If you’re looking for a material that is durable, is versatile, and comes in a wide variety of style options, than ModWood decking might be a great option for you. Unlike standard timber decking materials, ModWood composite decking is splinter-free, making it ideal for families with children or those looking to start a family. It’s important to remember that if true timber doesn’t fit within your current plans, there are still beautiful alternatives that can give you the deck of your dreams all the same.

If you’ve decided to build your dream deck, then making sure that you pick the right timber is absolutely critical. Whether you’re looking for durability, resistance, or style, the right wood material is out there for you. Find professional timber specialists today and find out what wood selection would work best with your home given the priorities you’ve set forth today.

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