Here’s Why Renewables Are the Future of Our Energy Mix

Here’s Why Renewables Are the Future of Our Energy Mix

Over the years there has been much opposition to it, but finally more governments are beginning to get it. Our energy mix is changing rapidly, and we cannot rely on fossil fuels for all of our energy needs. As much as many political reactionaries might like to whine about it, renewables represent an exciting opportunity not only to help the planet, but also to provide energy that is sustainable and long term.

The Science Is In

The fact is that the science backing human induced climate change is very compelling indeed. There has been a general trend over the past century in terms of ever increasing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. This has caused a greenhouse effect and has altered general climate patterns around the world. We are now seeing more extreme weather variations around the globe.

This climate change has also had a severe impact on areas like the Great Barrier Reef and the Polar Regions. As the great polar ice sheets are facing higher annual temperatures, they are melting more rapidly and adding to rising sea levels in a significant way.

The sea is also absorbing more carbon dioxide, and this is having a big impact on coral lifecycles and other delicate marine ecosystems. As these ecosystems start to collapse, this affects other related ecosystems, including our own food chain.

The biggest problem is that many people still find it hard to believe that the science is compelling, either because they do not understand the science or because they have something to gain commercially by delaying much needed energy policies.

Now for the Good News

Just recently, the local government has approved an innovative plan to roll-out a home solar battery system in South Australia. This is crucial in the fight against climate change because greater reliance on clean renewables means that we do not have to rely so heavily on coal-fired power stations. In effect, this means less carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

For some years now, the South Australian government has been prioritising the roll-out of solar and wind farms. This has not only greatly increased local grid capacity in the state, but it has also put the state in a position where they can now actually funnel excess electrical power to other states. This reduces their reliance on coal-fired power in turn and helps to create a better and cleaner environment.

With the introduction of solar batteries to homes around the state, this means that the electrical power produced by the panels can be stored in a flexible battery system. The central benefit is that homeowners can still be powered even during a blackout, but it also means that each and every home is its very own mini power station.

Solar energy and solar home batteries represent yet another plank in Australia’s energy mix. They are an exciting vision of a cleaner and greener future where our children stand a better chance of being able to thrive.

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